Nearby Attractions

Bologna has been inhabited for at least 1000 years and over that time a plethora of historical wonders have grown up to enrich the inhabitants and visitors today. The Hotel Paradise Bologna 3 star hotel is in the perfect position to experience almost all of them. Located in the heart of the historic centre, guests are just a short walk away from the important Cathedral of San Pietro in addition to being within walking distance of the cultural centre of Bologna – the 3 interconnecting squares of Piazza Maggiore, Piazza Re Enzo and Piazza del Netuno.

The Three Squares

Maggiore, Re Enzo & Netuno, Three of the most beautiful squares in Italy, these interconnecting squares are at the heart of the social and cultural life of the city. The smallest of the three is Palazzo Re Enzo, home to the Gothic Palace of Re Enzo in which Enzo – the poet son of Frederick II was imprisoned in the 13th century – sits majestically

To the west lies the adjoining square called Piazza del Netuno, so called as it is the home of the famous Fountain of Neptune by Giambologna and is one of the finest fountains of the 16th century.

Slightly to the north of here, lies the Cathedral Basilica of St Peter founded in 910 with important architectural quotations by Tibaldi (1575 – choir) and 17th century Baroque nave with parts adorned by stunning masterpiece sculptures.

To the south in Piazza Maggiore, guests can find to the western side the impressive Gothic Town Hall begun in 1290 and finally completed in 1430. The second floor of this building is home to the world renowned Municipal Art Gallery. On the north side of Piazza Maggiore guests can also marvel at the Governors Palace (Palazzo dei Notai) built in 1201 and which was rebuilt in the 15th Century in an early renaissance style. Adjacent to this ancient building likes the stunning Basilica of San Petronio which enjoys the status of the largest church in Bologna. Begun in 1390 the interior enjoys the fruits of the height of the Gothic movement and important artworks adorn the interior.

The Two Towers

To the east of the 3 squares lie the two towers of Garisenda and Degli Asinelli. Originally built for defensive purposes they have become important emblems of the city and command breathtaking views across Bologna.

Close by guests can also admire the Basilica of St James Major dating originally from 1267
which contains many beautiful artworks and impressive architecture and history.

Basilica of Santo Stefano

Voted the most popular tourist attraction on Trip Advisor this complex of religious buildings is slightly south of the Two Towers and consists of a beautiful triangular square onto which 4 buildings remain. The 11th century church of Crucifixion contains the bones of the city’s patron saint – St Petronius – and which enjoys a series of courtyards, gardens and passageways that lead to the other churches.

In short there are great riches of tourist sights, history, art and culture in this area and our staff will be pleased to offer you any assistance you require in discovering the very best that Bologna has to offer. Simply make your booking right away through our 100% secure booking system to reserve your room before they are snapped up.