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Urban trekking in Bologna
Urban trekking in Bologna

From Thursday, October 31th till Saturday, November 2nd , Bologna reveals its beauties … to urban trekking, a discipline that celebrates 10 years of life.

A different way to visit Bologna, even in its most intimate sides and unusual, such as places dedicated to the cabal, those turned into the set for the film, those who have Spanish influences, with several suggested routes. For example, the routes suitable for families, are 3: ‘ A bestial city’, ‘My journey on pape ‘ and ‘The maths city’, with educational workshops for children. The bravest, or rather, the more athletic, they can go to the discovery of the river Reno, between the arch of  the Meloncello and Borgo Panigale, while the more adventurous, intellectually speaking, they can not give up the path ‘From Heaven to Hell and back ( with a stop in Purgatory  ‘. As mentioned earlier, another of the themes of the courses organized for the three-day of Urban trekking, covers the world of dreams par excellence: the cinema, which in Bologna, can count on a well-known Cineteca, famous above all for the restoration and the conservation of the movies. Many walks in the program, including one dedicated to cinemas, those who were there and those that are still there, a particular way of mapping the town. A completely new route is dedicated to the LGBT worl : from the first seat of the a gay association and the first  monument to homosexual victims of Nazifascism. And, again, ‘ Bibliotrek : to discover the cultural treasures of Bologna’, ‘The Medical City’, ‘The greatness of the past to the lens of the new technologies’, ’1537 – 1555: Jews in Bologna between tolerance and segregation’ , ‘In the shadow of the arcades’ , ‘Bologna from the viewpoints’ , ‘Bologna Libert ‘ , ‘#TrekkingboGB: travel notes‘, route connected to social networks Instagram, ‘Between stories and memories underground’ , ’3 King – a walk from King’ , ‘The secrets of the village between Pignoletto and legends’, and many other routes, to meet all needs. For now, 1.900 people have registered. What are you waiting to wear your most comfortable shoes and book a visit that most intrigues you?

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