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The girl with the pearl earring
The girl with the pearl earring

The girl with the pearl earring :Bologna records. In 8 hours, 15,000 tickets were sold for the exhibition ‘Golden Age of Dutch painting’, which will be staged at the Palazzo Fav , from February 8th till May 25th, 2014. Exposure star ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ by Jan Vermeer, kept in the Mauritshuis Museum in Aja, which together with the ‘Mona Lis ‘ by Leonardo da Vinci and ‘The Scream’ by Munch, is one of the most popular and reproduced painting in the world.

Before arriving in Italy, ‘Girl with a Pearl Earrin ‘ was exhibited in Japan and in the United States, currently located in New York. The last stop of his world tour, Bologna, the single European date. Next to ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring ‘, there are other paintings by Vermeer, Rembrandt, Hals and other Dutch painters of XVII century, for a total of 36 masterpieces. The life of Jan Vermeer, an artist not as well known as its framework, is shrouded in mystery. You do not know him, not even the date of birth. You know, just , that he was baptized October 31st, 1632 , in the Protestant church of Delft. His father was a weaver, a dealer in works of art and an innkeeper. Inherited his father’s business after his death, Vermeer married a Catholic woman, Catherina, with whom he had 14 children, much richer than him, and he lived with her for life, in the house of the mother-in-law, Maria Thins who supported, especially economically, Vermeer in his career. It was highly successful, although one of his patrons was the wealthy Pieter Van Ruijven, who bought many of his paintings. Vermeer died in 1675, leaving a poor legacy and many debts. According to his wife, to kill him, it was the stress of the economic problems. In the early ’900, Vermeer was very popular among counterfeiters , the most famous was the Dutch Han van Meegeren who stood false paintings, impersonating there for rea , to collectors and museums in Europe, helped by the lack of documentation on the artist that comes to the fore at the end of ’800, thanks to the French critic Théophile Thoré – Bürger. Vermeer ‘s masterpiece,  The Girl with a Pearl Earring  , whose original title is ‘Girl with pillbox’, painted between 1665 and 1666, inspired, also, a novel of the same name, by Tracy Chevalier from which it is the film adapted by Peter Webber, in 2003, starring Scarlett Johansson, dressed as a Dutch girl in Delft, Griet, on 1665, the daughter of a painter of ceramics blind, who works as a maid at the home of Jan Vermeer, played by Colin Firth. She is passionate about painting and he teaches her how to prepare the colors. The patron of Vermmer falls in love with Griet, but because he can not have her, commissioned to the painter a portrait of the girl. The relationship between artist and model, through the framework , become more and more deep, until the work was finished, the wife of Vermeer, with whom he was at loggerheads, discovers the liaison and sent away the girl, portrayed by her husband with her pearl earrings. On the death of the painter, his wife will deliver earrings to Griet, who in the meantime has a companion, as a legacy. to celebrate the arrival in Bologna of  ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’, Marina Marchioni has reproduced the picture with the chocolate, at the ‘ Cioccoshow ‘, an event in its ninth year, opened until Sunday, November 17th, with 70 exhibitors from all over Italy and Belgium , between Piazza Maggiore, Piazza Nettuno , Piazza Re Enzo and Archiginnasio .

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