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NOI World Tour di Eros Ramazzotti
NOI World Tour di Eros Ramazzotti
The  season of the great concerts will opens in March with Eros Ramazzotti with the NOI WORLD TOUR. The NOI World Tour Eros Ramazzotti World Tour touches the main Italian cities with lots of appointments, 34 concerts scheduled well throughout the spring and continue in South America, United States, Canada, Australia and South Africa.
Last November Eros Ramazzotti has released his new album “Us”.Three years after the publication of the previous “Ali e Radici” and with over 55 million records sold worldwide, Eros is, in fact, one of the biggest names of world music scene and prestigious collaborations on the album NOI confirm it.
It is passed by the road to the boy born to suburban edges … After years “troubled” more as a protagonist of the scene gossip that the canora, Eros Rmazzotti seems to have found all necessary stability alongside a new companion, Marika Pellegrinelli, and their daughter.
To anticipate the new highly anticipated album is the song “an Angel lying in the Sun”, signed by Ramazzotti in collaboration with Saverio Grimaldi and Luca Chiaravalli, who is also co-producer of the new album along with Eros. The song will be released abroad also in Spanish under the title “An angel como el sol tu eres”.
The concert in Bologna will be held at the Unipol Arena on April 3 and is already a success foretold.