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D for Desire
D for Desire

D for Desire
The Right Choice

“…First seek the Kingdom of God, then everything else will be given.”

The king of a small peaceful kingdom decided that the time had come for him to take a wife. His choice came down to four princesses, each more beautiful and famous than the last.
Wanting to make sure that he didn’t make the wrong choice, the king decided to put the princesses to the test.
He summoned the three young girls and told them he was leaving.
“Noble princesses,” he said kneeling before them, “tonight I must leave on a short journey. I promise that when I return I shall choose which of you will become my wife and reign beside me.”
After a few days an emissary of the king came to the four princesses: “His majesty has sent me to inform you his imminent return. He wishes to bring you a gift. Please ask for whatever you would like to receive.”
The first princess asked silk clothes, fur stoles and precious jewels. This, she thought, would make her the most elegant.
The second princess asked for delicately coloured tapestries, soft rugs and embroidered cushions. This, she thought, would make her rooms the most luxurious.
The third princess asked for gold and silver tableware. Moreover, in order to prepare the most refined dishes, she also asked for a famous chef. This, she thought, would make her table the most renowned.
The fourth princess, after thinking about it, said: “I wish for the king to return because I miss him so much and I don’t want anything but to be with him.” She was in fact very much in love with the king.
On his return, the king summoned the four princesses. After greeting them, he turned to the first: “For you, beautiful princess, I bring precious clothes and jewels.” And up stepped a page and placed silk and glittering jewels into the arms of the young girl. The princess curtsied happily.
The king turned to the second girl: “For you, noble princess, I bring carved trunks, fur rugs and embroidered cushions.” Two pages then came forward carrying the precious gifts. Satisfied, the princess curtsied before the king.
Then he turned to the third girl: “Princess, I have brought you pure gold plates and, to serve you, I have employed this cook and this pastry chef.” The princess, overjoyed, thanked the king as the pages laid the tableware before her.
The king then came towards the fourth young girl: “And to you, my sweet princess, I offer my crown so that you may be my queen and that I may be with you always, just as you wish.” The princess, beaming with happiness, took the sovereign by the arm.
The other three princesses looked at each other with dismay. The king’s counsellor, who had witnessed the scene, spoke: “Noble princesses, you were free to choose. You should not be disappointed as you have received everything you asked for. Only the future queen has proven her wisdom. Having desired only the love of the king she has, in turn, also received the rest: she will wear sumptuous clothes and be adorned with marvellous jewels; she will live in the most luxurious rooms and she will eat nothing but the most exquisite food as she will be seated on the king’s table. As for you, noble princesses, despite these beautiful gifts, you will always lack the most important thing…”
From the book: “The wisdom alphabet”- Joahanna Marin, Lydia Marin Ross