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Bologna remeber Frank Zappa 20 years later
Bologna remeber Frank Zappa 20 years later


Bologna remeber Frank Zappa. The american musician, italian father and french-italian mother, that plaied all kind of music, from jazz to rock through classic music, dead 20 years ago, on 1990 December 4th. Zappa was known, also, for his irriverent irony. Zappa was a great guitar player, a singer, a bright composer, an orchestra leader, a producer, a director, a screenwriter and an actor. Wednesday, June 5th, there will be a little taste of the great homage Bologna is preparing for Zappa: in the Cantina Bentivoglio, there will be a live show with the concert of ‘Harmonia Ensemble plays Zappa’. On September 5th a series of celebrations will beguin, with photographic exhibit and one about jeans, t-shirts, notebooks and a lighter Zippo in limited edition, all dedicated to Frank Zappa and his music. Not only, the movie ‘L’estate di Frank’ by Salvo Cuccia, poetry readings with bolognese musicians and writers, till December 4th, for the grat end with a concert.

June 5th – Harmonia Ensemble plays Zappa – Cantina Bentivoglio – via Mascarella 4 – h.21.45