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Bologna in pink for the mortadella festival
Bologna in pink for the mortadella festival

From today till Sunday October 13th, Bologna is dressed in pink to celebrate the mortadella, by the festival ‘ MortadellaBò … E’ qui la fetta?’

To paraphrase a famous catchphrase by Jovanotti, ‘E ‘ qui la festa? ‘ will bring up the ‘ dance ‘ to celebrate one of the excellences of Bolognese gastronomy since the Middle Ages: Mortadella Bologna IGP. The event will unfold throughout the capital of Emilia, with a strong presence in piazza Maggiore, piazza del Nettuno and piazza Re Enzo, where are waiting about 50,000 visitors in 4 days. In piazza Maggiore there will be one of the two ‘ Poli Didattici ‘ of MortadellaBò, where you can book tastings, cooking workshops and showcooking. In addition, acrobatic shows, always with starring ‘ lady Mortadella ‘, the ancient ‘ Game of Plenty ‘ and a special event weblog Masterchef. There will be conferences, roundtables, literary events, photographic exhibitions, always featuring the famous pink sausage. It will be possible, too, to buy the authentic mortadella, directly from the producers, at the Rose Emporium or dabble in the pleasant tasting Mortadelloteca . Throughout the city center will be organized wine tasting tours and tasty happy hour basis, of course, on mortadella .

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