Winter Sale
Winter Sale

Winter Sale.  After Christmas and New Year now we are waiting the the winter sales , which in Bologna will start January 4, 2014 . The date marks the beginning balances for the entire region of Emilia Romagna and will last for about 60 days.
This year, the firm will also provide an opportunity to jump-start consumption and slow the crisis but the rules do not change : all prices must be exposed as well as remain in force to showcase the selling price and the discount applied pre balance . Can only be made for goods that are actually capable of substantial depreciation if not sold ” by the relevant season ” clothing, footwear and high fashion . The goods on sale must be clearly separate and distinct from those in normal sale , if the separation is not physically feasible , should be discontinued selling ordinary (ie the one at full price ) .
The focal point of the shopping Bolognese is undoubtedly represented by quadrilateral , located in the city center, which is bounded by four streets , Via Rizzoli, Via D’ Azeglio (the most chic and elegant ), Via Farini and Via Castiglione . In this zone, completely closed to traffic , tourists and the public will be able to shop in Bologna in many boutique designer labels present , as well as some franchise chains like Footlocker and Intimissimi . Another place where you can purchase grant is expensive and elegant Galleria Cavour with its shops of Armani , Versace and Yves Saint Laurent , and for all those who want quality products without spending big bucks is Via Independence, full of clothing stores , shoes and various items.
Even if you’re hunting for bargains in a passaeggiata Bologna center is always nice , lean accompanied by a good cup of coffee