Bike without borders
Bike without borders

The next 8th and 9th of February 2014, Bike without borders will give color to city of Bologna:bike without borders will invade the city with games and meetings and many initiatives for cyclists.

Bike without borders was presented in these days to Comune di Bologna with a precise objective to sensitize the Government on cyclists.

Appointments are really numerous and you can find one that’s right for you directly on the corporate website of bikes without borders: challenges among cyclists but also games for adults and children, guided in some areas of Bologna.

An event that will raise the city towards road users has always been weaker and bring all citizens to the use of the bicycle which today also has two great advantages: low cost and be absolutely ecological.

Today “Salvaciclisti” Association that gives life to Bike without borders has about 400 members and the 8 and 9 February want to attract the attention of the Government and Parliament on regulations governing road traffic, National Association of Italian municipalities, in fact, is working on a package of proposals to facilitate the lives of cyclists.

Among these there is the issue of boundary areas to 30 kilometers per hour in the city, but going there is also a discussion on the possibility of allowing bikes going in the wrong direction, or rather grant twice each direction for bicycles in the streets are one way for cars.