Zuccherino Montanaro: a traditional biscuit
Zuccherino Montanaro: a traditional biscuit


A gourmand biscuit, from the bolognese mountain: the ‘Zuccherino Montanaro’ or, in dialect, zucarein.

Few good ingredients for a great gluttony: flour, sugar, eggs and butter. Added star anise seeds and, sometimes, extravirgin oil, lard, cream, yeast and salt. Essential the sugar and anise glaze. The biscuit is rpounded, with a hole, covered by a glaze white as snow. Here the name of ‘zuccherini’, because the biscuits seem great piece of sugar. According to the historical tradition, this biscuit is an ancient pastry form bolognese mountains, prepared for marriages and confirmations. After the marriage, the engageds went door to door, to relatives and friends, to offer a tray full of biscuits to announce the marriage. The ‘Zuccherino Montanaro’ was left on the table during the marriage banquet, as sugar almonds. For the confirmations, instead, was created a kind of biscuits necklace to give to the children outside the church. The anise spirit, produced in Bologna, for the marriage biscuits, it’s not fortuitous: the anise contains anetolo considered, in Europe, a strong aphrodisiac. In Grizzana Morandi, about 40 km from Bologna, on August 15, there is the ‘Sagra dello Zuccherino’, every year, since 1951.