Vandana Shiva will be the sponsor of the ‘Sana’ in Bologna
Vandana Shiva will be the sponsor of the ‘Sana’ in Bologna

From September 7th to 10th, at the Fiera of Bologna, there will be the Sana’, the ‘International Fair of natural and biological’, that for its 25th edition will have as sponsor the Indian activist, engaged in ambient themes and interested in the food themes, Vandana Shiva.

Just in the food field, currently, missis Shiva is struggling against corporations that patent the seeds. For this reason she founded the seeds’ bank, on India, that gives free seeds to the poor farmers. Vandana Shiva, born on 1952, in 1978 graduates in Physics at the University of Western Ontario, in Canada and on 1982 she founds the ‘Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Natural Resource Policy’. For her political commitment, to modify agricultural and food practices, in favour of biodiversity, biotech and bioethics, on 1993 she receives the ‘Right Livelihood Award’, a kind of Nobel prize alternative. She is, also, one of the leader members of the Internationale Forum on Globalization. One of the most famous battles by Vandana Shiva is that one against the food sophistication and the introduction of OGM in India. Today, she is the director of her Foundation, she is vice-president of Slow Food, she writes for ‘La Nuova Energia’, magazine of Legambiente and she is member of Consulting Comitee ad interim of Organization for a partecipated society. The University of Calabra, on April 9 of this year, gave her the graduation honoris causa on ‘Scienza della nutrizione’. Vandana Shiva wrote several essays, a lot of them translated in italian. Among them, ‘Povertà e globalizzazione’, a summary of her thinking.