Two students charted the Bologna street art
Two students charted the Bologna street art

Two students of the Bologna’s university, Niccolò Braviccini e Francesco Timpone, have created an interactive map about every street of art in Bologna. Don’t think about historical monuments or canonical artistic works and locations but think about urban art, everywhere in the town, the notorious street art.

The two guys have created ‘Bolognastreetart’ on Instagram, the socialnetwork where you can share your pictures, and then a website, two months ago. On the map there is the painting, where is and who is the painter. On the website homepage, there is a photographic gallery and under every picture, the artist motto, his artistic path and the description of the work and why he painted it. At the end of this kind of form, the map of the locations where people can find the other works, always by the same artist. Till now, the two students have charted 250 ‘murales’, everywhere in Bologna, on Instagram account and 10 artists on the website. Abroad, according to Niccolò and Francesco, the street art mapping is ordinary routine, also with dedicated app. In Italy, instead, this kind of ‘digital archiving’ is done only in Tourin but the two guys hope to be the next to create a new app only for Bolognese street art. In the meanwhile, they have involved their fellow citizens into their work, with the section ‘chart with us’: a picture, the geolocation and the hastag #bolognastreetart to send by facebook, Instagram or email. According to Niccolò and Francesco, the street art is a kind of comunication mixed to social contents, full of new ideas and creativity. For this reasons they decided to put their passion of ‘urban art cataloguers’ in favour of their town and their fellow citizens.