Tonight beguins ‘Salotto Jazz’
Tonight beguins ‘Salotto Jazz’

It’s starting the fifteen edition of ‘Salotto Jazz’, in the last part of via Mascarella, in Bologna, closed to the cars, for this kermesse, from tonight til August 1st.

For the inauguration, this evening, ‘Zone Quartet’ in concert, leaded by tha bassman Enzo Torregrossa, famous jazz musician in Italy and abroad. The Torregrossa’s quartet mixes soul and funky with traditional jazz. This evening, special guest, the singer Stefania Rava, she has musical collaboration, also, in the Usa, that mixes jazz with brasilian music. The kermesse ‘Salotto Jazz’ changes a portion of a town road in a prestigious stage under the sky, for everyone. A lot of concerts are in the playbill of the kermesse, with a show almost every night, that beguins at 9.30 p.m.. Only for tonight, for the exhibition of ‘Zone Quartet featuring Stefania Rava’ the beguinning of the concert is at 9.00 o’clock p.m.. Not only a very good music but, also, a very good italian food, at the ‘Salotto Jazz’. With this kermesse, the Summer of Bologna offers more events to satisfate every taste.