‘Toa Mata Band’: the little Lego men plays electronic music
‘Toa Mata Band’: the little Lego men plays electronic music

The little men, built by the famous coloured plastic little bricks ‘Lego‘, become a music band. An electronic music band: the ‘Toa Mata Band’.

Deus ex machina of this event is Giuseppe Acito, become a webstar, thanks to the clip posted, where the little Lego men are playing. Beeing a collector of old music instruments and old toys, and a musician, Acito was looking for something that played music written for pc and hit the drums. So, he joined his passions. But, the input, is arrived by an ordinary action: watching his son plays with the famous Lego little bricks. Acito has received the praises from the Lego producer for his work that joins the past with the new technologies. To move the ‘Toa Mata Band’ members is the hardware platform ‘Arduino’, made in Italy. Acito has been inspired by the ‘Kraftwerk‘, a deutch band who plays electornic music. They open and close their shows with robot that seem the band’s members. Probably, the ‘Toa Mata Band’ will go in tour abroad, form where arrived many requests for live oerformances. Till now, some important magazines, like ‘Wired’, have talked about this strange Lego band.