The ‘Monnalisa’ is Lisa Gherardini according to B ologna university
The ‘Monnalisa’ is Lisa Gherardini according to B ologna university

The Gioconda is exhibited in Paris, the remains of Lisa Gherardini, said ‘Monnalisa’, the model painted by Leonardo Da Vinci on the famous painting, have been founded in Florence but without the Bologna university to verify the nexus between the painting and the Lady, this would have been a charming theory.

In the axcavates inside the Sant’Orsola nunnery, in Florence, have been founded human remains and three of them, according to the Dipartimento of Beni Culturali’s Antropological laboratory team, in the Bologna’s university, leaded by Silvano Vincenti, would be compatible with the age that Lisa Gherardini had when she died. The Comitato Nazionale for the Valorizzazione of the Beni Storici Culturali and Ambientali let the facts know. The manager of the scientific committee, antropological section, Giorgio Geupponi, is, also, the director of the Bolognese laboratory that made the analysis on the bones founded in the Sant’Orsola. About the 8 evidences verified by the Bologna university, 7 are female, have a mortal age around 30 years old but only 3 are compatibles with the Lisa Gherardini death, more aged. Now, it’s necessary to make th radio-carbonio exame, in the Salento university, to have a confirmation and then the Dna exame. The mystery about Monnalisa go on.