The hitch-hiking, currently, is called car pooling
The hitch-hiking, currently, is called car pooling

The hitch-hiking, in the world wide web times, changes skin. Currently, the hitch-hiking is called car sharing or car pooling, but the meaning is the same: to take a ride with other people.

Instead of to be along the road, you can organize the journey at home. It’s simple: you go on or and just with a click you can find your travel companion towards your destination. Who offer the ride has to write in the schedule the itinerary, the day and the hour of leaving, how many places he has in the car and how mach it spends for fuel. Who is looking for a ride has only to choose the best solution for him. To have not band surprises, you can write, also, if you love to have a chat, if you prefer travelling without talking, if you have pets with you or if you smoke. The car pooling is, also, a way to fight against economic crisis and to meet new friends. The requests to leave or to arrive in Bologna are increased about 52,65%, with 500 ride a day. Bologna has the fourth position on the italian car pooling rank, after Milan, Rome and Verona. Bologna is a crossroad very important for who goes down in the south, for who goes up in the north, for who wants to join the sea. The road most popular are Bologna-Firenze, Bologna-Roma, Bologna-Ancona and Milano-Bologna. The randez-vous is at the railway station. The car pooling is preferred by commuters, students, or love commuters. The Bolognese car pooling users are, above all, men, for 25 til 45 years old. From Bologna, you can leave, also, for France, Austria and Switzerland. (Photocredit)