The Gipsy Jazz in Bologna
The Gipsy Jazz in Bologna

The Gipsy Jazz was born by Syephane Grappelli, violinist and Django Reinhardt, a gipsy guitarist, ethnos Manouche, working in France during the second world war, where he played with his band ‘Hot Club de France’.

A classic Gipsy Jazz band has two guitars, a violin and a double bass. At the beguinning, the Hot Club played american swing, then Django began to compose his piece that, today, are cult songs played all over the world. But, what’s about Gipsy Jazz And Bologna? This kind of music, exported, at first, only in Germany and Holland, then all over the world, from United States to Australia, also thank to mixed band of Gadjos, musicians not gipsy, and musicians Manouche. And it’s arrived till the heart of Emilia, with the ‘Minor Swingers’. Four musicians that come from very different musical experiences, Marco Vienna and Gionata Costa at the guitar, Andrea Costa at the violin and Marco Rossi at the double bass, offer, during their concerts, particularly atmosphere, like Paris on ’40s, mixing classic jazz, swing, gipsy rythmn. The ‘Minor Swingers’ will have a show tonight, in Bologna, at Giro di vite, in via delle Fonti 45.