The cartoons in the garden
The cartoons in the garden

The cartoons on tastes in the garden.Till June 24th, at the Giardino dello studentato Carducci, the cartoon kermesse ‘Anima, il cinema in giardino’. On Monday June 10th, ‘American Pop’ by Ralph Baski, on 1981. The story about a russian family, with musical ambitions, immigrated in United States, through four generation, from father on son, is the chance for a trip inside american music history. On June 17th is the time of ‘Idiots and Angels’ by Bill Plympton, on 2008. Angel is an arms trafficker very self-centered. One day, on his shoulders grow angel songs that force him to be a godo person. Last event, on June 24th. ‘Tokyo godfathers’ by Satoshi Kon, on 2003, a urban remake as a cartoon of John Ford’s 1948 movie ‘In the name of God’. Three homeless, an alcoholic, a girl ran away from home and a transvestite, find a little child at the Christmas eve. Trying to bring back home the little child they will live a lot of adventures around Tokyo.
Till June 24th – Anima, il cinema in giardini – via Antonio Gandusio 4 – Bologna – h.21.30