The ‘bench rights’: a photographic competition
The ‘bench rights’: a photographic competition

How many benches have been in your life? Have you a favourite bench?

That one to study in the park, that one to wait the train in an old station, that one to rest a little bit after a walk along the seaside, that one all coloured to seat down to have a snack, that one on liberty style that take you in another age, that one with the sculptures seat down to take a picture, that one in the square, where the guys pass their Summer nights with some freinds. Then, there are the benches in the movies, in the novels, in the theater pièces and in the comics. Behind every bench there is a story that for someone becomes a memory. The association ‘Gesti di Carta’ announced a photographic competition dedicated to ‘benches’ rights’. “Look around you searching benches and leave you to conquer by the rights game. All that we ask is a picture of a bench that has given you the power of a right”, we read on the tender notice. Then, you must send your picture to, not after 2013 June 21st. The rights that can give you the benches are different: to have a chat, to rest, ti wait, to think, to read a book, to eat something, everything you want. Also the benches look is important and, in Bologna, changes according to the different area where are the benches. So, ‘ancient’ ones in via D’Azeglio and via Belle Arti, a ‘future look’ for the ones on Minghetti square and San Domenico square, the cubes on Verdi square. Don’t forget the ‘love benches’, maybe in a little park, hidden behind a tree, where lovers give them a kiss. What are you waiting? Take your camera or your smartphone, wear your comfortable shoes go around Bologna to catch your bench.