‘Sotto le stelle del cinema’ on Piazza Maggiore
‘Sotto le stelle del cinema’ on Piazza Maggiore

Till July 30th, Piazza Maggiore, every night, at 10.00 o’clock p.m., change herself i a open air cinema, for the kermesse ‘Sotto le stelle del cinema’.

Like every year, the Cineteca of Bologna, offers a selection of italian and foreigner movies, from classics to contemporary productions On one of the most large screen of Europe, this year, the public can admire the great Anna Magnani on the Roberto Rosselini chiefwork ‘Roma città aperta’; the excellent interoretation of Jack Nicholson on ‘Qualcuno volò sul nido del cuculo’, on ‘Chiantown’, with John Huston and Faye Dunaway, directed by Roman Polanski, on ‘L’ultima corvé’, by Hal Ashby and on ‘A proposito di Scumidt’, directed by Alexander Payne; Gian Maria Volonté, on ‘Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto’, by Elio Petri, on ‘Il caso Mattei’ and ‘Cristo si è fermato a Eboli’, both directed by Francesco Rosi. There are, also, homages to giant of the cinema like Vittorio De Sica, actor on ‘La prima notte’, by Alberto Cavalcanti; Oraon Wells, director, actor and screenplayer of ‘Campanadas de medianoche’, 1965, actor on ‘Edipo Re’, by Pier Paolo Pasolini; Ernst Lubitsch, director of unforgettable movies like ‘Partita a quattro’, ‘Ninotchka’, ‘Scrivimi fermo posta’ and ‘Mancia competente’. Unmissables, ‘Re per una notte’, 1983, with Roberto De Niro and Jerry Lewis, directed by Martin Scorsese; ‘Hiroshima mon amour’, 1959, directed by Alain Resnais; ‘Fitzcarraldo’, 1982, by Werner Herzog, with Klaus Kinski, that closes the kermesse. The playbill of Piazza Maggiore offers, also, three cartoons, the japanaise ‘Arietty’, the French-Belgian ‘La tela animata’ and the French ‘Le avventure di Zarafra giraffa giramondo’. Among the contemporary movies, the docu-movie ‘God save the Green’, by Alessandro Rossi and Michele Mellara, about a community around urban green, ‘Bellas Mariposas’, by Salvatore Mereu, with Micaela Ramazzotti and the prized French movie ‘The Artist’, by Michel Hazanavicius.