Simone Rotolo: the box as life coach
Simone Rotolo: the box as life coach

Simone Rotolo, middleweight italian champion, has decided to stop his boxer career, although the box keeps on to be his life coach.

As boxer he has won 35 matches on 39, a supewelter italian title and two supewelter Wba intercontinental titles. In spite of this, the 36 years old Bolognese boxer, after 21 years of box career, said ‘that’s enough’. And he explaines his reasons during an interview on the newspaper ‘La Repubblica’. A problem to his shoulder, the age that goes on and the awareness that he can’t go beyond some limits. But he is satisfied of his career. The box, explaines Rotolo, taught him to have selfcontrol, to have clear headed and to take decisions in short time. All useful virtues in everyday life and on the work. More useful if you work, often, with the people of the night, like the Bolognese boxer, specialized in security for discotheque. Rotolo recommends this kind of sport to young Boys, remembering that is sacrifice, sweat and hustle but, also, a lot of satisfaction and emotions. The soul becomes rich, not the wallet, also if the box, now, is coming out from a long dark period of crisis.. Now that he has closed with the box, Rotolo hopes to join the firefighters. He has taken, also, the license of lifeguard and he would teach box, just to not distance the ring too much.