Opens again the ancient Osteria del Cappello Rosso in Bologna
Opens again the ancient Osteria del Cappello Rosso in Bologna

A place so ancient, the Osteria del Cappello in Bologna, to be printed into an etching on 1712.

Giuseppe Maria Mitelli had created a kind of ‘sankes and ladders’ with the Bologna’s taverns. He founded 99 taverns. The Osteria del Cappello occupied the slot number 41. The only one that is survived is the tavern ‘Il sole’, in vicolo Ranocchi. Now, she is not alone. ‘Il Cappello Rosso’, in via De’ Fusari, has opened again, the ancient Osteria del Cappello that began the activity, according to the town archives, on 1375. The current location, in via De’ Fusari, is dating around 1652, half century before of the ‘snakes and ladders’ by Mitelli. The tavern closed in the ’20s of XX century, to become a residence. But, the owners didn’t obtain the licenses and, today, in the third millennium, reborn as ‘Osteria al Cappello Rosso’, mixing the traditional Bolognese cooking with the ancient tavern atmosphere and the contemporary hosting. Every day, from 7.00 a.m. To 11.00 a.m., breakfast with handmade cakes, a selection of breads and brioches, marmelades, Egisto, yogurt, cereals and fruit. For lunch, single course or a choice between two courses. The menu à la carte offers tagliatelle al ragù, meatballs with peas and cotoletta Bologna, tigelle and crescentine with cheese and cold cuts. For this Winter there will be, also, the pernici, a typical course of the ancient cooking of the tavern. The current owners have printed on the placemats the Mitelli’s game. Another characteristic that recall the past of this tavern is the wine bar, that will be sold by bottle, by glass or by cask. The Osteria del Cappell Rosso will be opened 7 days a week, from September. Now is closed only on Monday evening. Coming sono brunches and happy hours, always follow ing. The Bolognese tradition.