New rules for farmer markets
New rules for farmer markets

Green economy, quality and ethics: these are the key words of the new regulation for the farmer markets at km 0 launched by the municipality of Modena. It would be exported all over the region.

The producers have to guarantee quality and directness for users more and more informed. To join this aim politics seated around a table with the farmer associations. The farmers promote the district’s economy, offering fresh and natural products, with a good relation quality/price. To eat healthy products means to eat better and to eat better means a better way of life. The farmer markets regulation is divided in 6 points that recall the concept of ‘relation economy’: it is promoted the direct relation between producer and user, through the products sold the respect the values of a good health, of an ambient not polluted, of the work’s dignity. They support the short production chain, the directness and an equal price, the biological production, the decrease of packaging garbages. Modena has been the first municipality to have a farmer market, ‘Biopomposa’, on a public place. We are waiting the export of the same regulation in Bologna. Just now, the appointment is every Wednesday at the Campi aperti, between 5.00/8.00 p.m., with Laboratorio Crash!, the farmer market.