Music and tastings at the Bolognetti Rocks
Music and tastings at the Bolognetti Rocks

Music and tastings on the porch in vicolo Bolognetti, for the Summer kermesse ‘Bolognetti Rocks’, organized by Covo Club and Osteria dell’Orsa, in Bologna.

From Monday to Saturday, from 6.00 o’clock p.m. to 3.00 o’clock a.m., till July 24th. Listen a concert and, in the meanwhile, eat something, under a splendored starry sky. Or a midnight snack, maybe the last movie at the cinema. Bolognetti Rocks is oper to everyone. A lot of name on the playbill: from the classic rock band to that one more sophisticated, from the electronic one to the songwriter. One for all: Johnny Marr, ex Smiths guitarman, born in England, migrated to the States, came back home in 2005 to work to his first solo disc, ‘The Messenger’, published this year. The album is a reflex in about his experience of life in Europe. Marr leaves the Smiths in 1987 and keep on his musical career plaing with Billy Bragg, The The, Modest Mouse, The Cribs, Pet Shop Boys, Talking Heads. He launched the Oasis, helping them to find their sound, donating one their famous guitars to Noel Gallagher and, collaborating to their 5th album, Heathen Chemistry. ‘The Messenger’ is the true vision of the music accordino to Johnny Marr.