Major of Italy: the Subbuteo arrives in Bologna
Major of Italy: the Subbuteo arrives in Bologna


On June 1th and 2nd, at the Cierreclub in Bologna, there will be the 2013 edition of ‘Major of Italy’, one of the most important Subbuteo competition in the world. This game, a football match plaied on the table, was born in England in 1947 but the 4 most important competitions are in Italy, in Amsterdam, in Vienna and in Mons. Bologna, for the next week end, is waiting over 300 players from all over the Europe, for 32 teams. The matches are divided in 6 classes and the organizators are preparing 64 tables for the games. Also the bolognese team Tingers will partecipate to the competition: last year they losted, at the end, against the Reggio Emilia.

June 1st/2nd – Major of Italy – Cierrebiclub – via Marzabotto 24 – info