Hotel Paradise supports the Afghan mothers with the Pangea Foundation.
Hotel Paradise supports the Afghan mothers with the Pangea Foundation.

Hotel Paradise supports the Afghan mothers with the Pangea Foundation. How can we help an afghan mother? It is enough to spend a weekend in the beautiful city of Bologna. This is possible thanks to the initiative endorsed by Hotel Paradise.

Now, owning to the zeal and enthusiasm demonstrated by the owners Marisa and Monica, simply booking a stay at the hotel enabled one to sustain the Pangea Jamila Project.  Established in Kabul this foundation works to offer women and mothers an opportunity to free themselves from poverty and solitude, constructing a new future.

Since the year 2002 the Pangea Foundation present in Afghanistan, India and Italy, focuses on projects of development for women. In Kabul the Jamila project exist from 2003. It aims to guarantee basic learning skills to the women and mothers of the poorer quarters. The program includes child-birth assistance, information regarding human rights, professional training on various skills, and even a small loan, enabling one to the start a (small) business.

Up to the date the project has assisted more than 2900 women, who have in turn begun activities such as pastry and tailor shops, or small food stores.

They receive free information regarding personal care during and after pregnancy, in a country that holds the record for child-birth mortality. Furthermore, in Afghanistan there average 6 children for every woman.

However, the Pangea project is still in need. For this reason Hotel Paradise has decided to devolve a portion of the profits (resolving from booking online Hotel Paradise Bologna  to the mothers and women enlisted in the project. Our goals is to be able to guarantee to at least two afghan mothers the complete loan program. This includes assistance, professional training and basic learning skills for one year. So, any and every person can make the difference.

Each and every person can do his or her part in changing the world, beginning from helping a mother!