Gianni Scardovi on exhibit in a waiting romm in Bologna
Gianni Scardovi on exhibit in a waiting romm in Bologna


Strange location for Gianni Scardovi’s exhibit, set up inside the Centro Odontoiatrico Edéos waiting room, in Bologna.

The aim is made pleasant the time passed waiting the doctor. ‘McDrawn’, this is the title of the Scardovi’s exhibit, collects differetn artist’s works, some of that are a preview, mixed to a summary of his past production, like ‘Pink and Orange McMarilyn’, a triptych dedicated to the seduction icon, Marilyn Monroe, the beautiful and fragile american actress, or ‘EbonyLifeTime’, another triptych, built, this time, as it was a collage of famous magazines covers, dedicated to the speculation about albinos in Africa. Then, the series ‘HeroeShima’, with comics character as starrings, on backdrop that remeber ancient Japanese prints. The fil rouge of Scardovi’s works is the will to debunk every thing, from reality and from popular imagination, by an artistic language between scornful and irriverent, sometimes outrageous, creating new symbolic identities. ‘McDrawn’ is opened till July 27th, from Monday to Thursday, from 9.00 o’clock a.m. till 7.00 o’clock p.m., on Friday from 9.00 o’clock a.m. to 5.00 o’clock p.m. and on Saturday from 9.00 o’clock a.m. to 2.00 o’clock p.m.. The Centro Odontoiatrico Edéos is in via Zaccherini Alvisi 14, in Bologna. (Photocredit)