‘Gelati e ciclabili’: around Bologna to catch ice-creams
‘Gelati e ciclabili’: around Bologna to catch ice-creams

Tenth edition of ‘Gelati e ciclabili’: every Wednesday, the Monte Sole Bike Group, till September, organize bycicle tours in the evening, to catch…ice-creams.

You understand very well! Not a walk to discover monuments, secret corners or strange avenues, in Bologna but a promenade, on the cycling path, to find the best ice-cream masters of the town. Every Wednesday will have as theme, one of the taste or a kind of ice-cream. Every evening people will visit two ice-cream parlors, along the cycling path and the cyclists will try the theme taste. After that, they will vite the favourites one. The appointment, every Wednesday, is at 8.15 p.m., in piazza Maggiore, ready to start at 8.30 p.m.. You can partecipate with every kind of bycicle: it must have the lights functioning and the bikers need the reflecting jacket. You can take part to the tour with your children. You have to pay a cheap admission fee, for the assurance and the two orders. The ice-cream parlor most voted will be awarded the last Wednesday of the kermesse, on September 25th.

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