‘Fuoco al mito’: the story of parmigiano reggiano
‘Fuoco al mito’: the story of parmigiano reggiano

On Saturday July 6th, on piazza Santo Stefano, in Bologna, an unmissable show for everyone loves the popular and culinary italian traditions: once upon a long ago the parmigiano reggiano.

A trip through the time, 8 century ago, for the preparing of one of the most famous italian cheeses. And, also, the most reproduced. ‘Fuoco al mito’ is the event that takes on the suqare the cooking show of the milk, inside a copper boiler, that becomes the savory ‘forma di parmigiano reggiano’, one of the essential elements of mediterranean diet, like pasta and olive oil. The night start at 9.30 p.m., with tales and flavors of the cheese that join 4 country, where it was born: Parma, Reggio-Emilia, Modena and Bologna. To these, it’s joined Mantova, in Lombardia, on the right side of the river Po. You can see the cooking of parmigiano reggiano and, also, the marking ritual of the ‘forma’. This year, people will be envolved into an amusing game: the ‘Peso-Forma’. You have to guess the right weigh of the ‘forma di parmigiano reggiano’ that you will taste with a good glass of Lambrusco.