EatArt, an exhibit about art and food
EatArt, an exhibit about art and food

‘EatArt’, an exhibit about the relationship between ‘art and food’, is opened till June 22nd, at the Spazio San Giorgio in Bologna.

Sixteen artists achieved the mission to give a form to the idea of the food in the contemporaneity. A different way to investigate the world of today. Here a sarcastic reflexion about two kind of fast food: the elegant sushi, the more and more trendy japanaise cooking, on the Stefano Perrone prints, under the ironic question ‘Mi Suishido?’ and the installation by Melania de Leyva about McDonald’s, the ‘junk food’ most famous in the world. Opposite them there is the majesty of the gold frame by Alessandro Castiglioni, combined with delicious dessert. Rakele Tondini comverts an aubergine in a sexy show girl. And then, the queen of fruits, the apple: hanged by Serena Barotti; ready to be eaten by a man painted by Ian Woodard. Little coloured fishes, like cartoons an flying pigs by Yux. The show of the food adulterations by the new Frankentein Emiliano Zanichelli. The rene tino of the food represented by tiny female body by Elisa Rescaldani. At last, a section dedicated to the pictures, in every form, in a kind of resurrection of pictprial still life.
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