Crank-up, the socialnetwork for sportmen
Crank-up, the socialnetwork for sportmen

Here’s ‘Crank-up’, the social network for the sportsmen.

Here, you can share your passion wherever you are and don’t train yourself alone any more. It’s sufficient to sign up yourself on, to specify your favorite sport how much and where you practice it. Someone of the 5.000 followers, 800 only in Bologna, will answer, put on the wall hour, date, location and kind of training and who is interested in goes to the appointment that, from virtual, turns into real one. To create groups of sportsmen and competition is easy. ‘Crank-up’ is like facebook: everyone has his account, he talks with the virtual freinds, write post, pics picture on the wall. A manager from Bologna, Francesco Pasotti, creates ‘Crank-up’. He loves to swim and to play tennis but for his job is obliged to travel often. What’s doing? To find other people who loves tennis and to swim like him, on the web. Everyone will know the best places where to train, in his town. Why don’t we get together? Why don’t find every kind of sport? The sport on ‘Crank-up’, actually, are 600, from jogging to karate, from normal people to professionists, from young to old. The jogging and the triathlon are the most loved sports in Bologna. Now a lot of people is training on Giardini Margherita for the ‘Rune tune up’ on September.