Bologna opened for holiday
Bologna opened for holiday

Bologna opened for holiday. People from Bologna don’t leave and many tourists arrive, in spite of the hot sun of August.

Not only churches and monuments opened, musical, cultural and cinematographic Summer kermesses but, also, taverns opened to taste a dish of tagliatelle, good for every season, with a glass of fresh wine, maybe Lambrusco; pubs where to have an happy hour; gastronome where to buy delicacies without cooking in front of hot flames and shops where to buy is affordable thanks to the sales. Not only: there are, also, delicious markets where to find something particular and to make true business. The most famous that one of the ‘Piazzola’. “We are opened all August and at the end come a lot of people. Come people from Bologna but come, also, a lot of tourists that take pictures of our products”, explaines Davide Simoni, owner of a delicatessen, to the To win, another time, in the menu of restaurants and delictessens, the traditional Bolognese cooking, asked, above all, by foreigner tourists that arrive from Germany, France, Spain but, also, from Russia, Turkey, China, Japan and East Europe, thanks to the rate low cost by Ryanair on Bologna. So, restaurants and hotels are full. Among the tourist services preferred by the foreigner, the tour of the town by the City Red Bus. But the merchants denounce that the municipality has to make much more if they don’t want to loose this important opportunity. At the moment the tourists are not worried about this and they delight themselves with the view from the Torre of the Asinelli, one of the icon places of Bologna.