Bologna is not ‘a town for old people’
Bologna is not ‘a town for old people’

Bologna ‘baby boom’. While Italy becomes, day by day, a ‘Country for old people’, paraphrasing the title of the famous movie by Coen brothers, ‘No country for old men’, dated 2007, Bologna increased her population thanks to new borns.

According to the Statistic Office of the municipality, in Bologna live 384.991 persons and in the first six months of 2013, under the Two Towers are born 1.477 children. So, Bologna confirms herselfa town for young people, where nobody gets scared by the future but they are looking for new perspectives. Just because it is a town that breaks with the tradition, the marriages are countertrend: during the first semester of 2013 it has been celebrated only 422 marriages, the 9,6% less than the same period, last year and seven couple on ten preferred the civil ceremony. At last, in Bologna there are less marriages but much more love. In fact, months ago, the town won a contest by a famous condom brand, as ‘Loveville’ of Italy. People have more confidence in the future and create new generations. It will be for this reason that a lot of people prefer to live under the Two Towers: 8.299 new residents. And the foreigner? More 1.977 than 2012: they are the 14,7% of the population of Bologna.