Björk and the Icelander musician on exhibit in Bologna
Björk and the Icelander musician on exhibit in Bologna

‘Björk. Violently Happy in Iceland’: an exhibit dedicated to the north european singer and his land, the Iceland, at the gallery ‘ONO Arte Contemporanea’ in Bologna.

Aurora borealis, pure nature and a breath-taking landscape are the features of this island close to ices. To make up for this isolati on, sometimes distressing, her people have developped a great creativity, above all in the musical setting, with legendary bands as Mùm, Matmos, Sigur Ròs and Of Monsters and Men. But the queen of Icelander music is, without double, Björk. Born in Reykjavìk, on 1965, debuts at 11 years old, when her music professor brings the recording of the Tina Charles’ song ‘I Love to love’ by Björk, to Radio One. As the best rock tradition, a label Falkìnn talent scout hears the little girl sing and she presses her first album, with her name as title, in 1977. In the follow ong years, Björk plays every kind of music, from punk to jazz fusion, pressing her second album, in 1983, ‘Miranda’, with her band ‘Tappi Tikarrass’. With her new band KUKL, Björk presses two records, ‘The Eye’ in 1984 and ‘Holidays in Europe’ in 1986, and leaves for two tours as Crass supporters, one in Iceland And one in England. But the success arrives in 1988, with ‘The Sugarcubes’, born from the KUKL’s ashes, and their first record ‘Life’s too good’. In 1992 Björk moves to London and beguins her solo career, with the single record ‘Human behaviour’, to what follows, in 1993, the album ‘Debut’. And it is planetary success, like her movie prove, in 1999, when she performs the part of Selma, into the Lars von Tirer’s movie ‘Dancer in the Dark’, and she won the Festival of Cannes 2000. The exhibit at gallery ONO is concentrated to the changing of Björk, from a young promise to an international star, able to go over the music limite. This feature is peculiar in all Icelander artists, like, for example, the Sigur Ròs, band scouted by Björk herself, that creates an unique aesthetic universe with their music, their cd’s covers and their videoclip. Over th 50 unpublished pictures, in Italy, the exhibit has, also, a section dedicated to Icelander bands videoclip. The exhibit will be opened till September 19th.
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