Arvaia, the country in the town
Arvaia, the country in the town

Was bornArvaia , cooperative citizens organic farmers, 7 km, as the crow flies, from Piazza Maggiore, at the western border of the city of Bologna, in the Borgo Panigale area.

From the office to the campaign in the blink of an eye. From the computer screen to the fields to cultivate. From the meeting of the board meeting of the company. In fact, necessarily have to make contact with approximately 40 acres leased by Arvaia, on an area of the town, even once a month. Here, however, to work the land they call agri-fitness: it is the movement and cultivate healthy foods, staying perfectly in shape. Around the 7 founding fathers of Arvaia, which in Bolognese dialect means pea, revolve about 130 members, all, for various reasons, consumers-entrepreneurs: some pay 100 euro one-time to participate in the activities of the cooperative and buy the boxes of vegetables every week, there are investor who pay a minimum fee of 500 Euros and support in all possible ways Arvaia. The composition of the cooperative is heterogeneous and cross for professions and age, one of the founders there are those who have changed their lives to the threshold of 50 years and who has realized a lifelong dream held in the drawer. The next aim that Arvaia wants to reach is to win the notice of the town that put up for grabs another 30 hectares of arable land, not only to widen and increase production, but also to create new jobs.