A new kind of bolognese cherry
A new kind of bolognese cherry


The new kind of bolognese cherry ‘sweet’, created by the Alma Mater researchers, has 5 names, that ones of their children, like Saretta, Valina or Gabriel, for example.

Big, a bright red, like the cherry drew in the comics. But they are true, rich of flavour, soft to eat. To have this kind of cherry, one of the Summer fruits, the Alma Mater researcher have crossed the ‘duroni di Vignola’ with others american kinds, to achieve an high quality fruit with different time of maturation. Aim achieved after 10 years of research, only experimenting different crosses with a traditional method and by the using of biotechnologies. Now the cherries produced by the bolognese university has been tasted by professionist taster. At the moment, the cherris are in tour in different italian squres, from Bologna to Turi, close to Bari and Verona, to understand what people think about. The bolognese cherries, probably, will become the best italian cherries.