A marathon to support Bologna’s porticos
A marathon to support Bologna’s porticos

A 42 km marathon to support the candidacy of Bologna’s porticos as Unesco Hunan Heritage.

The idea si by Corriere di Bologna and the mayor Virginio Merola embrace it with happiness, offering himself as a runner, together with everyone, atlete s or aficionados, will want to run the course. Also the Soprintendenza, the Curia, the dean and some council members have the same opinion. The path corresponds to the porticos perimeter. The porticos were builted at the end of XIII century, in the late Medieval Age, when, accordino to the law, every house must have the portico. In 1568, with a new law, the porticos were rebuilted in stonework but, today, still survive some buildings with wood portico. The porticos were builted to contain the great numbers of intellectuals and students attracted by the university: they were a shelter and allowed to be liveable the ground floors. There si not another town with so many porticos like Bologna, loved and celebrated by the french writer Stendhal, in his book ‘Voyages en Italie’: ‘often, at 2.00 o’clock in the night, coming back to my adress in Bologna, I walk through this porticos, the soul excited for the beautiful eyes that I’ve just seen, passing close that buildings where, with her big shadows, the moon drew the masses, sometimes nappe ed that I stopped myself, with a great happiness in me, to say: what is beautiful!’.