St.Valentine’s Day in Bologna
St.Valentine’s Day in Bologna
Some original idea for  St.Valentine’s day in Bologna? Bologna is not Paris but his heart “beats” always for all lovers, but also for singles that who knows maybe during the day of love will be able to find your soul mate …
St.Valentine’s day in Bologna is a holy and Christian martyr established in 496 by Pope Gelasius I, but the tradition of exchanging love messages and gifts goes back to medieval times and could be specifically attributed to the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in which took shape the tradition of courtly love.
It is dedicated to lovers of the romantic “Dinner With Love” is an elegant romantic evening of Palazzo Gnudi (via Riva Reno, 77), refined setting. A unique occasion to celebrate your  St.Valentine’s day  in Bologna with a delicious dinner.
Among the romantic proposals the “St.Valentine’s day at Villa La Torre di Argelato”, for a romantic evening of Dim lighting, fireplaces and atmospheric music. Valentine’s menu features creative cuisine dishes with niche products. For loving couples of “yellow”, Valentine’s day with Delitto al Ristorante Garganelli a place deeply attached to the memories and family affections Trombetti, rooted in the culinary tradition of Bologna, but with a touch of mystery: it will be possible to test investigative skills, locate the sidetracking, driving, the murder weapon, reconstructing the crime scene and finally stop the culprit before it can commit horrendous crimes again …
But if you can afford a trip outside then stay at the terme: between a bath and a massage, a shower or a couple you can find the right wellness and relaxation to declare them all your love. In Salsomaggiore Terme, just 50 minutes from Bologna, is the right choice for a weekend of romance, well-being and relaxation. A Valentine’s day with romantic and balancing the Oriental Seas pools at Terme Berzieri: three new thematic, pools with thermal waters bromide waters. The pools are divided into three areas: the sea of harmony, a repeating whirpool path; Sea music, aromatherapy bath with underwater sound system at a temperature of 34° C; Sea of energy with two pools, a heated to 35° C, the other at 25° C cold. The proposal is valid for the weekend of Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 February 2013.
Bologna awaits  all lovers